The Delta turned into a Park

Its current conformation derives from the effect of the Ferrara earthquake in 1570 and the great hydraulic work performed by the Most Serene Republic of Venice with the Taglio di Porto Viro in 1604. Since then, its surface has expanded progressively due to the advancement towards the East of the mouths of the different branches of the delta, including the main ones of Po di Pila, Po di Maistra, Po di Tolle, Po di Gnocca, Po di Goro, Po di Volano and Po di Levante. The solid transportation of the river on the shallow bed of the Adriatic caused the rising of the sea and the prolongation towards the sea of its offshoots. In the delta, the Veneto region instituted a Regional Park of great naturalistic relevance which is highly appreciated and visited thanks to the activities and structures present inside.