The Lands of Venice are made up of neighbouring lands and breath-taking views on the border with the sea.

Despite having a different history, the five areas share traditions, art, and great respect for the environment and nature contained therein. Discover the Portogruaro area, Altinate, the Land of Tiepolo, the Brenta Rivera and the Po Delta.


Right behind the famous beaches of Caorle and Bibione, you find Portogruaro, an area which is known for the reclamation which took place across several eras and which allowed for important agricultural development with productions of excellence, such as the wines of the Lison-Pramaggiore area. The rivers Tagliamento, Lemene and Livenza, together with the lagoons of Vallevecchia, Valgrande, and Vallesina define a land which to this day, in some regards, is still uncontaminated.


The territory behind Jesolo, Cavallino-Treporti and Eraclea Mare, is a composite area that sees the presence of small towns but also of larger realities such as the area of San Donà di Piave / Musile / Noventa di Piave where industrial development and commercial has a strong impact. The Altinate area is characterized by the presence of two areas of strong environmental value: the Regional Natural Park of the Sile River and the Venice Lagoon, with the presence of Altino, the historic Roman crossroads of the ancient Via Amnia.


The central area of the Metropolitan City of Venice that corresponds to the Decumano is located between Venice, Treviso and Padua, at the intersection of numerous communication routes, and includes the municipalities of Scorzè, Noale, S. Maria di Sala, Pianiga, Mirano, Spinea, Salzano and Martellago. An area that gravitates around the most populated center of Mestre and extends towards the lagoon with Venice and the sea with Lido di Venezia.


When we talk about the Riviera del Brenta we immediately approach the fabulous Venetian villas that are part of this territory, so important from an architectural point of view that it has few equals in the national territory. Here Palladio built important residences for the rich Venetian nobles who, however, also had the value of agricultural centers. The Brenta flows into the territory of Chioggia which with its Sottomarina beach is the natural appendage of this fantastic area.


It is certainly the most important area from an environmental point of view. The Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta is a protected area which, together with one of the Emilia-Romagna Po Delta Park, has obtained the recognition of UNESCO MaB Biosphere Reserve. Inside the park we find the three towns of Rosolina, Porto Viro and Porto Tolle which represent the seaside resorts. In the hinterland you can find small villages with precious architectural jewels and Rovigo, a city of art to be discovered.