The municipality of Fossò lies in a fertile flat area of the Brenta Riviera, between Padua and Venice. Its name may be derived from ‘Fossadum’, a probable minor fork of the Brenta. After the Second World War, the town of Fossò experienced good economic development, with a rise in population. So much so, that in 1957 the town needed to build a new parish church dedicated to St Bartholomew. This building stands on the site of the ancient church of 1335, the recently restored remains of which can be seen. Inside, is a completely decorated ceiling, probably by the Venetian Giambattista Canal. Finally, the Church of the Beata Vergine del Rosario is worth a visit, as it is richly decorated with frescoes showing votive offerings.

Worth Visiting

  • The 18th century church of S. Bartolomeo

  • The new archpriest’s church dedicated to Saint Bartholemew, opened in 1957

  • The Little Church of the Beata Vergine del Rosario with 18th century frescoes that are currently being uncovered

  • Palazzo Pisani, with its Gothic architecture, rebuilt in 1550