This is one of the largest areas filled with historical residences and gardens, including Villa Widmann Foscari (which can be visited), Barchessa Valmarana, Villa Alessandri and many others on the right and left of the Naviglio (canal) all the way to Malcontenta, and the Palladian Villa Foscari. As well as wonderful food, there are also many local events, including the theatre season.

You can follow a path, ideally by bike, along the ‘cuts’ in the canals to see some of the vestiges of the past, including Oriago (also mentioned by Dante), the ‘termine’ or border that marked the passage from Paduan to Venetian jurisdiction in the Middle Ages, and some fortifications (like Forte Poerio), part of the entrenched camp of Mestre.

You can also discover the ancient churches and rural houses in the Gambarare and Porto Menai area by bike.

Worth Visiting

  • Villa Contarini Pisani, known as ‘dei Leoni’, rebuilt in 1558

  • The 18th century Villa Allegri Pasquali

  • Villa Avanzini with typical 18th century architectural features

  • Villa Bon, Varisco, Tessier built in the 16th century

  • Villa Bonfadini built in the 18th century

  • Villa Bonlini dating back to the late 16th century – early 17th century

  • The 18th century Villa Cà Dolcetti

  • Villa Cà Moro

  • Villa Cà Corner

  • Villa Curnis, Pastori built in the 18th century

  • Villa Foscari, known as ‘La Malcontenta’, built by Antonio Palladio between 1555 and 1560

  • Villa Foscarini dei Carmini

  • Villa Franceschi, Bianchini, Patessio, 16th century

  • Villa Mocenigo

  • Villa Moscheni, Volpi early 18th century

  • Villa Pio built in the 1700s

  • Villa Querini, della Francesca, Tiozzo commissioned by the Querini family in 1504

  • Villa Selvatico, Granata

  • Villa Seriman, Foscari, Widmann-Rezzonico, 18th century

  • Villa Stella, Gradenigo, Fossati built in the 16th century


Ville Card is a combined circuit of visits to the noble residences along the Brenta river that offers reductions on entry to the villas (Barchessa Valmarana, Villa Allegri Von Ghega, Villa Badoer Fattoretto, Villa Foscarini Rossi, Villa Ferretti Angeli, Villa Valier and Villa Widmann), on bicycle rental, on cruises along the Brenta, and at participating shops and restaurants.