This pre-Roman town, located at the crossroads of canals (Piovego and the Brenta Naviglio), between Padua and Venice, in the area known as Sarmazza, also gives us an insight into the Veneto countryside and its organisation and colonisation, from the ancient centuriazione to the building of villas to govern farmsteads.

It is worth mentioning Villa Aiaccio and Villa Sagredo, belonging to a branch of the family where Galileo Galilei was a guest during his years in Padua. Green spaces still have remains of ancient cultivations, like mulberry trees.

Worth Visiting

  • The Church of Santa Maria Assunta built on a Latin-cross layout with works by Giandomenico Tiepolo, Pietro Damini and Pietro Liberi

  • Villa Zanon, the 19th century town hall

  • The Renaissance Villa Sagredo

  • The Oratory of Villa Sagredo

Don’t Miss

Parco Sarmazza is a multifunctional, well-equipped park along the Padua-Venice waterway and the River Brenta. It has rest stops, a drinking water fountain and unpaved paths and embankments where there are no vehicles. The park was the result of a redevelopment project and a participatory planning process with local stakeholders (associations and town citizens).