Noale originated around the eighth century, and the first records of the town are from 982. In its early history it was a free community in the territory of Treviso. In 1158 it came under the rule of the Tempesta family, avogari (laic defenders of the interests) of the Bishop of Treviso). It was the scene of battles and raids, and suffered the sieges of Ezzelino da Romano, known as ‘the Tyrant’, under whose rule building began on the castle and towers.

It later came under the rule of the Serenissima Republic of Venice and then the Austrians. It was home to many famous figures, including Pietro Fortunato Calvi (1817- 1855) a martyr for independence and Egisto Lancerotto (1847¬1916) a painter.

Worth Visiting

  • The Rocca, the fortress that was the Tempesta family palace

  • The Clock Tower and Bell Tower and the entrances to the Medieval castle

  • Palazzo della Loggia, the future Egisto Lancerotto picture gallery

  • The Little Church of the Assunta in the ancient Benedictine monastery

  • The Church of SS. Felice e Fortunato, full of works of art

  • The Church of Moniego with frescoes in the Grimani chapel

Don’t Miss

The nature reserve in the former quarries, managed by the WWF, entrance in Via Ongari