In the area south of the Brenta Naviglio, at the intersection of roads and canals, you can see signs of the ancient centuriazione (agricultural land division). There is an interesting phenomenon of ‘sabbioni’ – raised areas caused by river debris and frequent flooding. The centre – which takes its name from walnut growing – together with the districts of Prozzolo, Premaore and Campoverardo, preserves the same agricultural features it has had since antiquity, where historical and environmental evidence and traditions make it a great place to visit, including via ‘slow’ travel.

There are several villas with farm buildings and oratories (Villa Bembo, dating back to the 16th century, Villa Barella and Villa Papadopoli, now the town hall) and the old courtyards, like Corte Canal and Campoverardo, with palaces and rows of rural buildings.

Worth Visiting

  • The parish church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta and San Prosdocimo – building began in 1774 and ended in 1792

  • Villa Manfredini built in Renaissance style in the 16th century

  • Villa Barella known as “dei Greci”

  • The 16th century oratory of the old Ca’ Diedo

  • Villa Sargenti, built in the 18th century

  • The 16th century Villa Bembo